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Monday, 23 January 2012

Italian SEO Company

My Italian friend, who works as a manager in my hometown, told me that he is envious of what I do. I can work as and when I feel like it and there is no one to breathe down my neck. I am sure he is just exaggerating on the pros of my work, there are many cons, which I did not tell him about.

According to him, he had tried working from home before, like what I did but after running the small online business for about six months without clinching a sale, he gave up and went back to full time employment. Ah, that is a wise choice! A lot of people think that it's easy work manning an online store, clicking the mouse a little at the comfort of home. If only it is that easy!

I spend a lot of time on search engine optimization. SEO is not something that I like doing but it is necessary. As for my friend, he could always engage the services of an Italian SEO company, leaving the "dirty" work to them and concentrate on the procurement, sales and marketing aspects of his business.

I am sure with SEO tweaking, he would be able to clinch a sale in a short time.

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