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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

eBay UK is Fastest Growing Territory

eBay has announced that eBay UK is their fastest growing territory, with about 17 million unique visitors a month, 10% of these from mobile devices. According the eBay, an item a second is sold through a mobile device. Now, I don't understand how anyone could be comfortable shopping on a small screen mobile device, I prefer to shop using my desktop, not even laptop!

eBay also states that the growth of eBay UK is even faster than their two largest markets, USA and Germany. I thought that eBay India would be somewhere up there but it is not. Anyway, I'd attribute this surge in eBaying to the lower cost of shopping online than making a physical visit to the store and the time it saves. Less hassle too! And lets not forget the online deals which are way more attractive than store deals!


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