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Friday, 13 July 2012

Maybankard 2 Cards

Maybank sent me two new credit cards, and asked if I would like to replace my existing credit card (VISA Petronas) with these two cards. These two cards, one is American Express, come with lots of perks, and my credit limit is retained PER CARD.

This means that Maybank has effectively doubled my credit limit...and I thought that because my income is so low, I would have my credit limit halved. But it's OK... I have been a "bad" credit card holder who has been settling her credit card balances on time. 

I am given time to decide if I want my credit card changed, and if I do, I have to call up Maybank to activate my new cards and send my existing card to the nearest Maybank branch to have it cancelled. 

Did you receive your Maybankard 2 Cards already?


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