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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Spam SMS Text Messages

I received an SMS text message from 32283, an unidentified number informing me that I can now pay for my low Malaysia Airlines flights to international destinations like Brisbane, Perth, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bali, etc. via Maybank2u. I was informed in the message that this promotion ends on 22nd July, 2008. I went to the website of Malaysia Airlines out of curiosity to see what low international fares they have to offer but it looks like they have all been booked already.

I consider text messages like these to be Spam SMS. It was obviously an advertisement but I have no way to know if this message was from Celcom, MAS or Maybank2u.

The other day, my friend was telling me that many companies are compromising out personal particulars by providing data of their customers to another department, or worse, to another company. However, there is nothing we can do.

This may be just a small issue but I sense an increased in such SMSes. Are you getting these as well or is this more rampant for Celcom subscribers?


pss said...

hey there, just wanted to share, the SMS shortcode that's starting from 3 i.e. 33299 is most probably a third party (non-telco) or content provider sender codes. how they got ur number? they 'tagged' ur number when ever u've by any chance subscribe to their service or has requested something via their company's shortcode.

To stop all the spams, u can try this; Type STOP ALL and send to the sender's short code i.e. 32999. Good luck :)

Cyberpartygal said...


Thanks for your feedback.

I also receive plenty of messages from 28000 and 22008, just to name a couple off hand. They start these messages woth RM0.00.

I would like to stress that I never subscribe to any service via my phone.

In this issue, I think it must have been Maybank who sent it since my mobile number is on record with Maybank, and they do want their customers to pay for air tickets via Maybank2u.

Anonymous said...

Chances are it was the bank or telco. I once kept getting spam sms-es that I did not subscribe to. Fed up I called up Maxis but they said it was not them but 3rd party vendors of Astro. Yeah but I was wondering how in the first place they got my number. I strongly suspected it was still Maxis who released their database to other parties. After Astro and Maxis from same family. Anyway when got nowhere with Maxis I pestered them for the vendor's number. Called the number several times but never got through. Kept going to a machine. Angry I left a very threatening message saying if I got another spam sms from them I was sueing. Like magic the sms-es stopped. They were just chicken shit to pick up calls - probably thousands of people who call to complain so they hide from the public.

Cyberpartygal said...

Hi there!

Thanks for sharing your experience. It is good to know that I am not alone *sigh*

That's why I was saying that our information are freely shared or even sold, between departments and companies.

Yes, I know business is competitive but when more of us are pissed off, I don't think they will be getting our business any time soon!

Anonymous said...

Yep the sad thing is in yr case MAS may not know their partner Maybank was doing that. So people get pissed at MAS as well.

Cyberpartygal said...

And not only that. I went to the website of MAS expecting to see some international airfare deals, but they did not have any. Time wasted!

cindy said...

I saw today newspaper, MAS still offering cheap fares, n saw in their website, cheap fares to Perth n Shanghai also. My friend told me before, this cheap deal is not a promo, it is everyday you can get cheap price..

Cyberpartygal said...

Hi Cindy,

This SMS said promotion ends 22nd July, 2008 but if everyday can buy cheap air fare then it's great. I hope there's no hidden charges!

cindy said...

eeerrr... the promo they got now end 13 July, not 22 July, I jst checked the newspaper.. The spam sms gave the wrong info, I think really need to complain to telco company, how can they simply spamming with wrong info.

Cyberpartygal said...

I wonder if all these cheap air fares are really cheap. If cheap, worth to buy and travel. I need a holiday LOL

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