Monday, 25 April 2016

Rane Serato Scratch LIVE Vinyl

I was having a drink with my friend last night and he was raving about the new Rane serato vinyl. I had no idea what he was talking about since I am not in the industry but he took the trouble to show me the difference. 

According to him, this new edition is improved from the first version. It's mastered on better equipment, for one, he said. He also showed me the new sleeve, comparing the first and second editions for me, pointing out the differences. 

Finally, he invited me to his show this coming weekend. I am excited to go, just to show my support for an old friend.

No Time To Shop, Not Even Online

I've been needing a new watch but haven't even found the time to shop. I need a 'good' watch, which means, something of brand. My current one, although it still works, looks ugly because the strap is frayed and I don't think I can find a matching strap to replace it. 

I thought of buying a watch online, where I can sometimes get a good deal but you won't believe that I am so busy, I don't even have the time to check out the watches that are available at my regular shopping sites. 

I hope that I am able to free up some of my time in May and get some shopping done. And I know that once I get started, it will be difficult for me to stop. Better get that credit card ready!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Eric Sardinas' Own Handmade Slide

I was wondering what gift to buy for a friend when I came across this handmade slide by eric sardinas. I am not a guitar player but have heard of the name Eric Sardinas before. He's known as the maverick bluesman. 

As my friend plays the guitar and blues is his favorite genre, I figured this handmade slide would make a great gift for him. Besides, I am stoked to learn that it is not that expensive.

Let me just check a few other handmade slides first before I decide which to get him, ultimately.

One Year With GST

It's been a year that we have been living with GST. Happy Anniversary! NOT! Although some may say that it's ONLY 6% that we are paying for our GST and that some other countries pay more, it is still an additional 6% that we have to pay.

I don't think I bought that much over the past year although I do see new shoes, clothes and bags in my room. But somehow, when the 6% is already factored in into the price that we have to pay, we tend to forget that it's more than the actual cost. 

But life goes on. We buy what we have to and forgo what we can no longer afford. Since the GST is here to stay, let us just hope that it wouldn't go up any time soon! We are still trying to cope with the 6% dammit!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Maintaining a Guitar

My young cousin, who has been asking for a guitar, has finally gotten one as a birthday present. 

Now, the headache is, how much does it cost to attend guitar lessons and to maintain the guitar? I know it is a hardy instrument but still, it requires up-keeping too, right? 

Do you know how much do guitar strings cost? I did a quick Google search and luckily, they are inexpensive. Phew!

11.11 Singles Day

I bought some stuff online on China's Singles Day last month. Although there were plenty of good deals, now I know the problem with buying during such a day. The courier companies just cannot cope with shipping and delivery. Hence, until today, I am still waiting for my package to be delivered. 

No doubt, I do have tracking on the package but it is a painful wait and till now, it is still waiting for customs clearance. 

What was supposed to be "only" 2 weeks of waiting has turned into three weeks and there is still no guarantee that the package will arrive then.

Haih, as they say, waiting is the worst thing. Be patient...

Monday, 31 August 2015

Welcome Party

An old friend of mine returned from Australia last week and a few of us decided to have a welcome, and also farewell, party for him. He would, after all, have only time to meet up with us for that one time. A few hours is better than none, we said. 

But the catch was that he had to provide his own entertainment, although we would be bringing the food and drinks. 

This friend is good with the guitar and in fact, he took the trouble to bring it home with him. Apparently, he wanted to show off his new Epiphone Les Paul p90 electric guitar. Aha.... no wonder! 

It didn't matter. We still love him and enjoyed the entertainment that he provided.

Web Trouble

I have been bogged down by one too many issues with my web sites that I have been crippled with the technicalities so much so that I couldn't make time to be productive, and do proper work. 

Instead, I have spent way too much time and energy on the line with technical people, trying to solve one issue after another as they cropped up. 

Although I am not the one doing the work, it is still tiring and draining when I have to be there for the technicians when they are working on my issues since they have regular questions for me to answer. 

So far, my problems are solved but I am still jittery and when I will receive an alert of yet another problem. Not getting a good night's rest over this!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Missing Those Guitar Stores

Six months ago, an American friend relocated to Bangkok, Thailand. He is now qualified to teach English to the local children and has settled down comfortably. 

While he doesn't really complain about his new life because it was, after all, his personal choice, he find that he's still far from being about to mingle and live like a local. 

He said that one thing he misses most is the ability to just walk in to a guitar shop and browse or check out new equipment. There's nothing like this where he live now. These days, he relies on the Fender Stratocaster guitar center online, to read up on the latest guitar models and accessories. 

Well, I guess the saying about no needle has two pointy ends holds true. On one hand, he's enjoying a new life, on the other hand, there has to be some sort of sacrifice, right?

Father's Day

It's Father's Day tomorrow and I am lucky to have the most practical parents. I don't have to crack my head on the gifts to buy for them. All I need to worry about is the amount of money to give them. 

I don't even need to put the money in red packets for them. I just remit money to their account and they would be happy. Cash is king for them, which is should be for most people. 

This goes for my other siblings as well. Cash is still the best gift ever in my household. I guess this was how we were brought up. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, even though some people may think we are money minded. I just think we are realists and are practical about life. 

What about you? Have you bought anything for your dad?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Gift For Him

My best friend has just taken up the saxophone, after learning the guitar and almost mastering it. I like that he continuously betters himself and since I don't have the dedication that he has, I support him in his endeavors. 

I am planning to get him a surprise gift, a gift that is related to his new hobby. I thought a tenor sax case would be great and have been checking out online stores for a suitable one, one with a price tag that would suit my budget. 

Haven't got the chance to really sit down and compare as I am traveling but will make the decision once I get home and have settled down. I just hope that in the meantime, he hasn't bought one for himself yet!

Langkawi Shopping Haven

I am currently in Langkawi and have been busy shopping! Things are definitely cheaper here, and some items are GST-free. Obviously, one has to shop smart. 

For instance, when in Langkawi, it is better to buy imported chocolates than locally-manufactured ones. Even though the nett price of local chocolates is cheaper than imported ones, buying the imported chocolates here is cheaper than buying in other cities, or airports because this is a duty-free island. However, one has to spend at least two nights on the island before qualifying for the duty-free items. 

I am checking out today and flying home later in the afternoon. I wonder if there's still be opportunity for me to spend. Hoho! Third island vacation within a month, I am broke and super tanned.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Touring the Country!

A friend just clinched a deal to tour the country as a deejay and I am so happy for her! Yes, in this day and age, making it as a female DJ is not as easy as it sounds. Being someone who had dreams of being a DJ as well, when I was growing up, and soon gave up, God knows I am so delighted for her for the breakthrough. 

To celebrate, I am going to get her an lp storage case, one that is stylish yet durable. I know that what she needs is the Odyssey Krom 70, which could easily fit seventy to eighty 12" records. Also, it has rounded chrome corners and rubber feet at the bottom. 

I know she will appreciate the lightweight of the case and high-density inner foam lining. I would too, if I had to be on the move with that many records!

6% Headache

So, the Goods & Services Tax (GST) was implemented in Malaysia beginning April 1st, 2015. Since then, every time we make a purchase or pay a bill, we are extremely conscious of how much extra we have to pay. 

Which is strange because prior to abolishing the Sales & Service Tax and replacing it with this Goods & Services Tax, we have already been taping up to 16% more. 

So, logically speaking, shouldn't we be paying a lot less tax since GST is "only" 6%? 

Unfortunately, it is not because the 6% is on top of every level of process or production of an item which means that by the time it reaches the hands of the consumer, the poor consumer has already had to pay for the multi-fold of 6% tax! 

Yes, no doubt some other countries are paying a higher GST rate but are we earning as much as the people in those countries?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Double Rings

I have taken to wearing rings lately. Strange that I am a no-frills girl and don't like wearing accessories but I guess I have gotten use to it around my finger. I don't like thin rings, though. They are too fine and not prominent.

I do like chunky and colorful ones such as these masonic rings. I remember during school days, some of the male students spotted rite rings or shrine rings. It was like being a member of a fraternal organization, brotherhood kind of position. 

But being a girl, and not in any organisation, I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear mason rings, eh? Hehe!

Shopping For Warm Clothing

This month has been rather challenging for me, expenses wise. I have a trip to Beijing pending and since according to weather forecast, it is still cold there, I have been shopping for warm clothing, which we don't wear in tropical Malaysia. 

And so, I have spent the past week checking out the different shops, which are, disappointingly, rather limited. 

Still, I have gotten what I think I need and if I do need more, I believe I can easily get these apparel in Beijing, and maybe they will be cheaper to. 

It is going to be an experience to look forward to since I have never been to China before!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Planning The Greatest Party of the Year

Guess what? I have been tasked to plan the birthday of our mom this April. Actually, I have known that this year is my turn but I have procrastinated and now that we are steamrolling into March, I am beginning to panic! 

I have roped in a couple of friends for their great party planning tips. No doubt, I am not inexperienced when it comes to party planning but this is huge, and I have to give it my best shot! Mom will be 70, and what a milestone it is. 

Tell me, how can I not be as detailed as possible in planning the party? We are inviting everyone from both sides of the family. That's going to be a riot, I can tell! 

Anyway, according to my friend, I am to decide on a theme first. Shall I decide it myself or consult with my siblings? HHmmm And what about our budget? And the menu? Who is preparing what? I am an awful cook and will try my best to worm myself out from this responsibility, me thinks. 

And the party favors! Never forget that. I have always enjoyed receiving them at parties, and now is my chance to give away memorable favors that guests would love to receive and keep. Yes, that's going to be a keepsake.

Devaluing Maybank TreatPoints w.e.f. 1st May, 2015

Not sure how many of us Maybank customers are aware of this change. According to my friend, the current value of Maybank TreatPoints is RM1 = 250 points. It will be devalued to RM1 = 400 points. 

The pissy thing is that it was supposed to happen on 1st March, 2015, which was why I redeemed all my points this morning. And then I found out that it's only going to happen on 1st May, 2015 as the exercise has been postponed. 

 Really, we will never win in this game. The fine print is not only fine, the announcement is hidden somewhere within the website of Maybank2U.

And if we don't make the redemption soon, then maybe they will run out of stock. So damn pissed off!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Meeting Up

I am excited that I am finally meeting up again with my special someone. It has been, how long, seven months? Way too long, if you asked, but then, such is life. 

Every time we meet, we exchange a small gift as remembrance. It could be something childish, something useful, and not necessarily expensive. 

Because we meet so irregularly, each gift, no matter how small is very precious. At least, they are to me! 

This time, it is not difficult to think of what to get him. He has a great love for pinaud. That makes my "job" so much easier, right? 

As for what he's getting me, I already know since he bought it a couple of months ago when he was in China. Can't wait to bring them home!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Transaction Alert

My friend was very angry, and totally suspicious when he had to cancel his credit card issued by a local bank after he received an SMS alert for a transaction he did not make.

After cancelling the card, and then receiving a new replacement card, again he received an SMS alert of a transaction, when he didn't even have a chance to use it at all yet. 

Now, I am not going to mention which local bank issued this card but it is mighty alarming to me. What are the chances of the information being leaked out within the bank itself, since it has yet to be used? 

What do you think?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Countdown Beach Party

I have just been assigned to organise a beach party at an East Coast hotel. I was a guest there for 3D/2N recently and when they found out that as a blogger, I have a fan base, they want me to handle the countdown beach party. 

Well, I have to say I have no experience in organising beach parties or any party for that matter, but the management has promised to allocate staff members for my little project. 

Right now, I have listed down a few items that I have to get, such as laser lights that I intend to buy now, if possible, amplifiers, food orders and even gifts.

Now, the question is, should I charge a small admission fee to cover the cost that I have incurred? What do you think?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pope Francis' White Skull Cap Sold For €89,050

Pope Francis' white skull cap was sold for €89,050 last week on eBay, all in the name of charity. 

The cap, authentically belonged to the Pope as the moment that he exchanged it with a TV programme presenter was caught on video. 

The Pope was on his rounds passing through his audience at the Vatican. The presenter of "Le lene" seized that moment to offer him a new white zucchetto cap. 

The monies raised was for humanitarian work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

eBay UK Celebrated Its 15th Birthday in Aug

As the original founded in California by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 celebrates its 19th birthday, the UK version marked its 15th some ten days ago. 

This means that it took eBay almost exactly four years to expand from the United States to the United Kingdom. By then eBay USA had already started charging a fee for insertion. 

And since the early days until today, 19 million Brits visit eBay UK every month, more than a third of the country's population. 

I can't remember when eBay Malaysia was established but I believe it has been 10 years, plus minus. Wow, that's a long time ago!