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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Business In DVD Movie Vending Machines

My sister told me that whenever she wants to watch a movie but would not want to go to the cinema, to save money, she would rent DVDs from vending machines near her place. According to her, renting through DVD movie vending machines is cheaper than going to a physical movie rental store because she would have to pay sales tax then. Oh, so renting via the vending machine is tax free.

If I remember correctly, she said that if she does not return the DVD, by slotting into the vending machine for X days, her credit card will be automatically charged $x amount, I think it’s US$25 or something, which is comparable to buying a DVD from the store, sales tax and all.

I think that this is a pretty awesome business model except that from the website of this DVD movie rental vending company that I browsed through, their choice of movies to rent is rather limited. However, they sometimes have blockbusters and the movies are quite recent too.

I wonder if, now that the fuel price has escalated so much and everyone is forced to stay home, people here would want to watch movies that they have rented from the neighbourhood DVD movie rental vending machine.

However, most people here already have cable TV so people like me would rather be forced to watch whatever’s on TV. What do you think?


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