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Saturday, 19 July 2008

My Recipe Collection

I started a recipe collection blog not too long ago. Some of you already know about it but I have not publicly released my URL yet mainly because I want to add as many recipes as I could before going public. It currently has thirty posts only but search engines are already picking up my posts but traffic is seriously low.

These recipes are not my own but from various sources that I collected from the web, magazines, my parents and my late grandmother, who could cook the best Sri Lankan curry. YUMMY!

Although I enjoy cooking, it is too bad that I do not have time to indulge in my hobby. I tell myself that I would spend more time in the kitchen when I am not so busy, probably once I have retired so I hope that my interest in cooking will hold till then!

Right now, I just hope that readers will enjoy my recipes and let me know how their preparations have turned out to be. I encourage them to improvise on the recipes and not follow them to the T.

Well, what about you? Do you like to cook, or just eat? LOL


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