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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Outsourcing Profit Recovery

I was chatting with a friend who came down from Kuala Lumpur the other night. He works with a major construction company in the city. He told me that this company, a company that is quoted on the Stock Exchange, has debts. I was pretty surprised too but I think that the bigger the business, the more money we owe or are owed!

This friend told me that they may higher a Collection Agency to help them with recovering debt from various accounts.

He said that by letting an agency that specializes in collecting debt handle these accounts, they would be able to better concentrate on business and do what they do best. After all, they don’t have the experience in managing debt collection, nor are they able to afford the time required.

While there are companies that I know that would provide the same service in managing debt, the difference between them and American Profit Recovery is that APR only charges a flat, low fee, no matter which industry you are in or the amount involved.

With a company like APR to take care of recovering your profit, you will no longer have to worry about expanding time and staff on profit recovery or that services like these will eat into your profits.


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