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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Salvaging My Mailing List, Or Not?

If you have read my post a couple of months ago, or was it longer, you will know that I have lost half my mailing list, a mailing list that I have accumulated since the beginning of trading online. So I lost half of it because I did not make a latest back up of my file and then my hard disk crashed and it was deleted.

So now I've been thinking, since I am going to start a new business in selling ladies' fashion, I wonder if it is worth spending time going through a few thousand emails and compiling the mailing list once again.

I don't know but it surely will be a lot of work. Even if I go through the 4000 emails, I will not be getting back the mailing list 100% because some of my Buyers contacted me via other means and not email.

Sigh... I think I would rather just start all over again. What do you think?


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