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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What’s Missing In eBay Feedback

I wrote a post on eBay feedback and changes that have been implemented recently. Well, I am not sure that I have mentioned before, but despite its top class system, eBay feedback lacks something that I am sure a lot of us Sellers would like to see implemented.

Each time I received a feedback on my eBay profile, I wished that I was notified via email. It would be great to know instantly that a Buyer is satisfied enough with our transaction and the way we handled the sale to leave a positive feedback, or dissatisfied enough with the over trade to leave a negative feedback.

As it is, each time I log into my eBay account, I have to do a mental calculation to see how many new feedback I have received since the last time I logged in. Receiving an instant email notification would be most convenient and the email does not even have to say a lot, except that we have received a new POSITIVE or NEGATIVE or NEUTRAL feedback.

What do you think?


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