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Friday, 8 August 2008

In The Line of Fire

People always say that it is not easy to work as a customer service representative. Well, from my experience with customer service reps, I think that we had rather pleasant conversations and we always managed to solve my issues.

However, last night, my friend told me that if he has any issue which required him to all up Customer Service, he would scold them thoroughly. It's like letting go steam on them. I was shocked. He said that it is good therapy, especially after a bad day at work! Geee... if you are a customer service representative, I believe you would not want to service such a customer!

I think that it is pretty unfair and unreasonable of him to do so. After all, Customer Service reps are employees only and sometimes there are company policies that they have to adhere to. My friend says that it is an outlet for him to air his frustrations, otherwise he will do it on his wife and family and THAT would be unfair. SIGH!


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