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Monday, 11 August 2008

Wedge Sandals Are IN!

Did you notice that wedge sandals are in this Summer? Although I was also shopping for shoes, and I see so many wedge sandals everywhere I go, in online retail stores or brick-n-mortar stores in my city, I think wedge sandals are not for me.

One thing is that they are too high for casual wear and yes, I am just looking for something that I could wear almost on a daily basis. Also, they look so uncomfortable especially the peep toes ones! Being fashionable is one thing but one has to be comfortable wearing it and not look and walk awkward, right?

Wedge sandals look totally bulky and clumsy. I decided against going with fashion and bought something else. Still high heels but not wedge sandals. And I think that in the first place, we shouldn't allow fashion to dictate what to wear, right? Or we would end up forever chasing it.


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