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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Out Of Stock Items

Lelong has issued a warning that they will suspend the accounts of sellers who have a habit of not selling an item, declaring it "out of stock"; whether the items are really all sold out or if the seller changed his/her mind because the price is not good enough, is another issue and Lelong does not want to know.

As long as a Seller has received numerous reports from intended Buyers regarding items being Out Of Stock, then the account will risk being suspended. However, Lelong does provide some leeway to Sellers who sell thousands, or maybe even hundreds, of items that one or two items slipped the radar of the Seller, or if the items are selling so briskly that the Seller does not yet have the chance to take down the listing.

Anyway, I support this action because Lelong has a rule that we must have goods on hand before listing them on Lelong. This ruling has been put in place after the fiasco with Skyhobby, and rightly so too. This effectively rule out dropshipping but still, I think that this is the best for all parties involved.


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