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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Woman Loses $5,000 Family Ring

A woman in Troutdale, Ore., who tried to sell a family ring valued at US$5,000 lost it because she was led to believe that PayPal would release the payment to her after shipping out the ring.

I think that the scammer could tell that she was a newbie so he sent her a few fake emails purportedly from PayPal, and told her that her money would be released after she has shipped out her item.

Now, anyone who is slightly familiar with online retailing would know that nobody should ship out an item before full payment has been received. This is not a new trick. Many of us have received our share of scam emails from "PayPal" and "eBay" as well and should be trashed at once without clicking on the links in these emails.

Sad to say, this victim now has no avenue to get back her ring or the payment promised to her. This is a mighty expensive lesson to learn.


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