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Monday, 27 December 2010

Gifts For The Family

My sister sent me a large package, consisting of gifts for my birthday and Christmas for the family and I. She does this every year, saving postage of sending me a birthday gift separately since it's just less than a month a part. I was so happy to receive a small and a large Marc Jacobs handbags.

My sister knows that I would never buy any branded handbags because I don't usually carry a bag so it's quite wasteful to buy an expensive bag and just keep it in the wardrobe. Besides gifts for us, my sister also remitted some money to our parents. Cash is still king, after all!

I feel quite bad receiving so many gifts from my sister. I usually just send her an eCard because of convenience. I am so lazy when it comes to packing gifts to be shipped out. I guess it's because of the nature of my job where I have to pack many items to ship, sometimes odd shaped items that are not easy to pack!

Anyway, next year, I think I will purchase something online and have the item shipped to her address directly. Or perhaps a gift voucher is still the best gift...


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