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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Group Investment

My sister told me that after receiving their year-end bonus, her colleagues have asked her if she would like to join them and buy gold bullion as an investment. I think this is called private group investment. My sister asked me if it's wise because all her colleagues are actually from different countries and they have return to their home country one day, depending on their work permit.

I couldn't decide for her but I told her that if she wants to buy gold, it's best to buy it herself through a reputable dealer. It's not expensive and she definitely does not need to "pool" her capital with her colleagues. She doesn't know their true background. Maybe some of them are not as honest as they seem, we never know.

I told my sister to do some homework and research online for authorized dealers and read through what their clients say. That would help her determine which dealer to go with.


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