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Monday, 27 December 2010

New School Term Starts In One Week

All my friends who have school-going children are busy preparing for the new school term. After the hectic preparations of the recent Christmas celebrations, they have to spend even more money buying back to school supplies. I don't envy them.

When I have children, I hope that by then, school lockers are more common. Right now, children have to carry heavy bags to school and it is bad for their physical development. I know my friends are calling for "a student a locker" but so far, there has been no progress yet. I hope that this new term, even if students do not have the use lockers, they would have Gym Lockers. That's a good start, at least!

I saw some practical Wood Lockers the other day and I hope that I could let school authorities know that there are reasonably priced Lockers for sale. If only they have a small budget for lockers, it would be very helpful to students and their parents too! I believe students will be able to study better too!


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