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Friday, 28 January 2011

Chinese New Year Celebrations

This Chinese New Year, I figure I would get a longer holiday. I was not able to enjoy the few previous Chinese New Year holidays because of work but this year has been slow so I don't think I will have work to do then, not that I mind. My relatives will be coming to Ipoh for a visit so I don't even have to travel. I am planning some activities for them, though, something that we could do as family.

Besides taking them on a tour of Ipoh to visit some famous landmarks in the city and going on a food excursion, if the weather is bad, we'll just stay home and entertain ourselves with karaoke songs. Do you know that I finally bought a karaoke set?? I'm like ten years late since it became the must-have electrical product in every household! LOL

And oh yes, I have to make sure that I buy enough Chinese New Year food. It's basically a time to eat and be merry!


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