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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Coming Up With A Business Name

Quite a number of my friends are thinking of setting up their own eCommerce store. It's likely that they think that it's something easy that they could do that could bring them a side income, and possibly giving up their full time job and "retire" earlier than planned.

When they ask me if they should, I couldn't give them an impartial answer. After all, it depends on the individual and how much time he or she is willing to put into a new business. Naturally, starting something from scratch would require plenty of time, resources and determination.

In any case, I believe that one should always try. Why not give ourselves an opportunity to try out something new? When I came across this web hosting hub review and its current promotion, I thought of these friends. They would be able to go into business without having to fork out as much capital.

Starting an online business is obviously more than just coming up with a good name, registering a website address and subscribing to a hosting plan. I advised my friend to first think of what product they would like to sell and then only start thinking of a name so that the name of the company and website will reflect the nature of their businesses.


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