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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

From 80+ to 50+ kg

I met an old friend the other day, after reconnecting with her on Facebook. I remember her as an untidy, huge girl when we were schooling but she looks so beautiful now! I mean her features didn't change but she is so much slimmer and she is so neat looking now. It just boggles my mind that she already has two kids! She certainly doesn't look like a mother.

According to my friend, whose new name is Jassly, she exercised so much that her weight dropped from 80+ kg to her current 50+ kg. What brought on her new determination was that after the birth of her second child, she just felt overly huge and she hated it. Truly, hers is one of those amazing weight loss success stories that I have been reading online!

Although I am not fat myself, I do hope that I could adopt her determination.


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