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Saturday, 29 January 2011

WebStore Web Hosting

A few of my friends are interested in setting up their own webstore. The main problem is that they do not know how to start. They are also technically-challenged, so even though I explained to them how to go about it, they just didn't understand.

I did, however, told them to look for a reputable web hosting company. There are many cheap webhosting packages but for people like my friends, they need excellent customer service and technical support. I promised that I would help them out as much as I could once they are subscribed to a web hosting plan.

Actually, I am also looking for managed hosting for a friend who told me that her current web host can no longer accommodate her traffic. When she asked for increase in bandwidth allocation, her host said it would cost her double what she is paying now. She thought that with that kind of money, she could get a better deal elsewhere. As you can see, with a new month coming, she is pretty desperate.

Well, if you already have your own servers, you should check out colocation hosting. You'd have to be knowledgeable in hardware configuration of your servers. All pretty technical stuff.


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