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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Birthday Theme Party

Just when we are in the midst of celebrating Chinese New Year, I received an invitation to a birthday party. I am not a social animal but there are some instances where I am obligated to attend. This is one such case.

The birthday party is a week away but it has already gotten me worried. It's a theme party, you see and the theme is "Western" and we are supposed to be dressed up as cowboys and cow girls. The birthday girl has asked me to look for ten Stetson Hats for some of her guests. That's a huge problem. I don't even know where to buy my costume!

I guess if I am not able to get these costumes locally, then I would have to shop in KL after the holidays. Or perhaps I'll just get everything online. That would save plenty of time.


Martha said...

There are different birthday party themes you can see online. If you cannot find what you like, just think of what the celebrant is interested with and be creative to decorate the place. Also, list down the supplies needed so you can be on track.

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