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Friday, 4 February 2011

Organic Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website, you will know that it's almost impossible to take care of the technicalities of the website, update it with content regularly AND increase website traffic. I am not saying this can't be done but it will take a long time, perhaps years. This is where a search engine optimization company comes in.

While there are many companies that offer such services and promise results within a few months, search engines are always changing policies and algorithm; it’s an expert field by itself. I have had the opportunity to check out ThinkBIG's unique organic search engine optimization services and can tell that this company is miles ahead in this specialization.

The first thing ThinkBIG will do on a client’s website is to analyze its keywords. This will help the client decide which keywords to target that will bring in the best results in terms of search engine rankings. Once this is decided, ThinkBIG will start checking the website itself, to optimize it to be more search engine friendly, to be spidered by search engines faster. This includes checking meta and title tags, broken images, pages and links.

Once this foundation is set, ThinkBIG starts working on increasing strategic inbound linking, mobilizing its vast network of international highly-rated blogs, websites, forums and social profiles, all providing one way links pointing to the client's website, monthly.

While other search optimization companies may think their work is over and done with, ThinkBIG monitors each client's account every month to ensure that maximum link juice is passed to their website. This is what sets them apart from other similar companies.


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