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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Preparing For Camping Trip

My friend called me up asking if I have gotten everything needed for our camping trip. he wrote up a check list and I am just supposed to get everything, and everyone together. Well, we had many days of work and I thought that I could use that free time to work on this but then most shops were closed!

I told him I'll need a little more time to buy or at least rent the long list of items for this trip. Also, I would have to get bike racks to transport our bikes. A friend has a couple of yakima bike racks that I could use so that saves me the trouble of looking for such bike racks online.

Also, I'm still waiting for some friends to confirm if they could make it. How envious I am of them that they are still on holiday! I'll have to b a little more patient to get their reply.


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