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Monday, 28 February 2011

Sports Tickets For Boss

My sister told me that her boss is celebrating her birthday and my sister and her colleagues are planning to buy her a pair of sports tickets. The problem is that they don't really know what sport she likes the most. As far as they know, she watches basketball, football and hockey. In fact, they don't even know which team she likes the best. I think she is one of those fans who would support any team that gives the best performance.

According to my sister, they are going to vote for the gift to buy. Depending on where her boss will be traveling to over the next few months, they are going to buy New York Islander Tickets or New York Rangers Tickets if she goes to New York. Home games are always the most exciting, aren't they?

Now, if everyone decides on basketball tickets, there are many choices to choose from. I guess they will have a hard time deciding which team she should watch since they could get her Boston Celtics Tickets, Chicago Bulls Tickets or even Los Angeles Lakers Tickets.

It would be easier to come to unanimous decision if the boss doesn't travel so much. Now, they would have to check her schedule first before placing an order!


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