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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ghost For Sale On eBay

I came across this eBay sale, not really of a ghost, but of a doll that is said to have the spirit of a 15-year-old girl trapped inside. The seller says that the girl is called Amber. Well, while it may be true that she has died shortly after receiving the doll as a gift from her grandparents, I don't know if it's possible that her spirit is trapped in the doll.

Whatever it is, for anyone interested to own a creepy doll, it's only selling at US$36.80. It's not an auction but a Buy It Now item. The price has dropped by 8% recently. Maybe there was no response since there is only one day left to the sale now at this time of writing.

Well, if US$36.80 is too expensive for you, then perhaps you could offer your best price to the seller. Or maybe some of the other items by this seller are more interesting. Even browsing through her paranormal store gives me goose bumps!


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