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Friday, 18 March 2011

Parcel Forwarding Services

I have been reading forums used by eBay sellers and it looks like many, especially in the USA, have been scammed by buyers who are using parcel forwarding services. Whilst sellers can set restrictions to their sale or auction on eBay, and many are not willing to ship outside of the country, especially to Africa and Asia, including Malaysia, buyers with the intention to scam have been using such parcel forwarding services to circumvent this policy, making use of this loophole to their benefit.

It looks like once eBay buyer received the item, he/she will want to return the item for whatever reason, and insists on being reimbursed shipping, inclusive of international shipping. Many buyers have claimed that they are not getting any help from eBay, which I think is a shame as this is getting rampant and puts legitimate sellers at a losing end.

I feel that eBay should address this as soon as possible and quickly identify buyers who are outside of the country but registered with an address in the country. I don't think it's too difficult to pinpoint accounts that are utilizing parcel forwarding services. What do you think?


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