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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

No More Cheap Deals?

A friend, who recently revisited eBay to shop after a long hiatus, told me that she is disappointed that she could no longer find cheap items of quality. I have to concur. I remember that when eBay first started, we all looked forward to browse eBay every day wondering what treasure we would be finding. By treasure, I don't mean expensive stuff, but stuff that sellers have dug from their home, items that they may not need anymore but still useful to others, hence they are letting go so that they have a new home.

I personally haven't shopped on eBay for a long time now and even back when I did, most of the items I bought were from traders and not mom and pop stores. I wonder if these stores have died. I think these are the stores that give eBay personality, not brand name stores that are trying to penetrate online shoppers and hence think it best to go through eBay.


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