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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Self Storage Solutions

A friend is moving from Dubai to Finland for work. He was quite sad that he had to give away many of his personal belongings, his collection of knick knacks and furniture. He only lived in Dubai for three years but you'd be surprised at the speed that we collect items for the home. My friend was no exception.

I was thinking that if he was living in Chicago, he could utilize a self storage facility so that once he settles down in a new home, he could call for his belongings to be shipped. He need not have given away his beloved collection! Moishe's Self Storage Chicago offers a very simple solution, from US$29 per month, to people who are on the move whether they are relocating to a new house in the neighborhood or even to another country like this friend.

In fact, I am in the midst of clearing out my house and I have to give so many items away, or if they are not taken later, I plan to throw them away. I am a sentimental person and I do this with a heavy heart. If I can, I would like to keep everything. No, I am not a hoarder but still, I like to keep old stuff because they have memories. If self storage is available here, I would definitely use it!


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