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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Topamax Lawsuit

I have been reading up on medical reports lately because my mother wants me to look for medical information for her. She hasn't been feeling well lately, you see, and her doctors could not pinpoint her ailment, if any.

I was quite shocked when I read about an ongoing Topamax lawsuit which came about because of side effects from the anticonvulsant medication called Topamax. While Topamax was used to treat epileptic seizures and migraine headaches, it has been found that some women on this drug delivered babies with various degrees of cleft lip or cleft palate.

I know of a friend who is on an anticonvulsant drug; luckily not Topamax. if you know of anyone in a similar situation, find out if the drug is Topamax. Also, you should pass the patient the address of this law firm: O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


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