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Friday, 10 June 2011

Anthony Weiner 'Replica Underwear' On eBay

I found this really funny but I really take my hat off to the one who thought of putting up a "replica underwear" of Anthony Weiner on eBay. Well, we've had plenty of replica this and that, usually of branded goods, this is a replica underwear. Who would have thought of that? Only an enterprising person, obviously.

This item has a starting bid of US$0.99 and a Buy It Now price of US$499.99 but with 3.5 days more to go till the auction ends, there is still no bid on the item yet. Would there be any takers? I believe that whatever we put up on eBay, there surely will be a buyer. I get surprised all the time. However, with this item, I am not so sure since it's just replica. It would be another story if it was really worn by Anthony Weiner.


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