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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pos Insurance 1Malaysia

I went to the post office the other day to get some transactions done and the clerk asked me if I would like to buy the new Pos Insurans 1Malaysia, underwritten by RHB Insurance. I said OK since it is only RM11 a year.

Although the total insured sum is only RM5000 for accidental death, well, for RM11 a year, what do we expect? Even though I already have another insurance policy, I took this one up simply because it was cheap. I didn't even have time to read up on it before buying.


Anonymous said...

$11 a year for 5000 accidental cover isn't really cheap, it works out to be 220 per year for a $100000 cover. You can get it for half the price at OAC without the "1 Malaysia" so called offer, wat a scam. At oac they even have a FREE annual bonus of 10%, which means asfter renewing for 10 year it becomes 200000 for only $100 per year then. Do cheek out www.oac.com.my for details.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude..you have to compare apple with apple. Go and ask oac for additional sum of 5k and other coverages as Pos 1 Malaysia. Can they offer for RM 11??

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