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Friday, 24 June 2011

Ryan Dunn's Death Announcement In Newspaper On eBay

Daredevil, Ryan Dunn, or Jackass fame, died in a horrific automobile accident a couple of days ago and the internet was abuzz with the news. Some even thought that it was a trick that Ryan pulled to see the reaction on his death from fans for his upcoming script! Who would pull a trick like that? Unfortunately, the news is real and confirmed by the mother of his Jackass co-star.

One fan has bought a copy of the newspaper announcing the news of Ryan Dunn's accident that killed him and his passenger and has put it up on eBay. This newspaper is "Daily Local News", a local newspaper of West Chester, PA, in Chester County, where Ryan Dunn lived and died. You can say this is his hometown newspaper.

The auction for the paper has closed at an unbelievable price of US$11,100 with 18 bids. I wonder if it's joybidded on. There are other similar auctions, either by copycat sellers or the same seller. They are cheaper.


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