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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tickets As Gifts

I was chatting with my sister online when she told me that she is wondering what gift to get for her boss. She will be celebrating her birthday next month and the problem my sister faces is that the boss is rich enough to buy whatever she wants.

So I suggested that she buy her an "experience". My sister knows that she likes Elton John so getting her a pair of Elton John Tickets would be very appropriate. However, the daughter loves Taylor Swift, like most young girls, so my sister could also buy a pair of Taylor Swift Tickets. It would be an excellent opportunity for mother and daughter to spend some quality time together.

Now, my sister is wonder if she should get a pair of Zac Brown Band Tickets or Spiderman Turn off the Dark Tickets instead so that both husband and wife can go on a rare date. What should she do? LOL Seriously, I'm now as confused as her!

Maybe my sister should buy three Dane Cook Tickets so that the entire family can go and have a fun time together!


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