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Friday, 18 November 2011

Coromal Caravans

My friend told me that he is looking to buy a caravan, now that his three sons are grown, and they are free to travel. My friend and his wife are avid traveller, you see, and in a country like Australia, driving from one state to another is an experience in itself.

According to my friend, he has in mind a couple of coromal caravans Perth, and he is planning to go out to have a look at them soon. However, he has yet to decide if he should buy a new or a used vehicle. That would depend on the prices of caravans in the market, and also, he has to seek the permission of his wife!

I am excited for him, and hope that if he does make this purchase, I can one day take a ride on his caravan. No, I don't know how to drive it but I will be enjoying myself riding in one, visiting new towns and cities!


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