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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Back In Business

A friend has just revived her business, which she has set aside for the past ten years. At first, she stopped working because she was busy with her new baby. She thought that it would be a short break but in the blink of an eye, it has been ten years!

Now that she is back in the business, she has to start from scratch. It sounds like a tough job but then she has to start somewhere, right? The first thing she needs to do is to set up a website. She has been checking out webhosting news to see check out the reliable companies. I couldn't help her there are I am so out of touch as well.

Anyway, I have been helping her read up on website hosting reviews so as to make a more informed choice. Besides reliability, she would need a service which provides 24/7 technical support. For this service, she has to be willing to pay a little more, naturally. The most important aspect to look at before committing to a web hosting plan isn't the price but the specifications and service.


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