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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Insurance Peace of Mind

I read about an insurance case recently, where tens of insurance policy holders were duped into buying hundreds of thousand dollars of insurance, which surprisingly, they didn't even understand exactly what they bought. The group went to seek help from a consumer group and after some months of wrangling, managed to recover their "investment".

When it comes to buying insurance, and for that matter any other product, whether tangible or not, it is very important to go through reliable sellers or agents. This applies to insurance, where reliable insurance brokers will give us peace of mind.

When I asked my friends their fears when it comes to purchasing insurance, they say their number one concern is difficulty in making a claim when the need arises, or when the agent runs off with their money. Of course, this wouldn't happen with reputable insurance companies.

So far, I haven't had any trouble with my insurance agent. I guess that's because he came highly recommended by friends who have been his customers for years. If you are looking for an insurance adviser or broker, just ask around, or search on the internet. I am sure a reliable insurance person will make the time spent searching worthwhile.

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