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Monday, 23 April 2012

Back Up Files Easily

A friend was telling me he is worried that before the end of the month is up, he would have to buy another portable hard disk drive. My friend is a professional photographer, you see, and he loves taking photos, even when he is not hired to do so. He has been deleting many of his shots, but he is coming back with more photos than he has the time to delete. 

I suggested online backup for him, as it is also something that I am currently looking into. I may not shoot as many pictures as him but I am also facing the same problem! 

My first choice is MyPC Backup. I like it that I could sign up for a free account before committing to a subscription. My friend would love to know that it's compatible with MACs. I myself use Windows. So we can both try and compare notes. Also, all accounts are encrypted so our files are safe. 

Another feature that I really like is that we can access our online storage account from any device as long as it is connected to the internet. This means that you could access your important files even if you were away from your desktop computer. MyPC Backup is able to sync multiple computers and devices, you see, and you could also share your folders with your friends are do not have an account with MyPC Backup. 

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