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Monday, 28 May 2012


A friend told me that he just lost a handsome amount of money at Genting. With that kind of money, I could do so many useful things, but obviously, he doesn't think so. No doubt, he feels the pain now and he says that this is a good lesson to learn and he will change his ways but for someone like him, I don't think he would learn this expensive lesson well.

Actually, I find that many young people are like him. Many are not able to save money because they spend without thinking. It's not as if they earn a lowly salary, you know? It's because they don't realise they are spending more than they are earning. And they think that money can always be earned again.

Well, that sort of mentality isn't right, in my opinion. Anyway, let it be a lesson not only to him but to all if us who read this!


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