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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cash Over Credit Card

A global Survey of Saving and Investment Strategies by Nielsen, which covered 30,000 Internet respondents in 60 countries, found that some 60% of Malaysians preferred to use cash to pay for purchases. 20% preferred credit cards, 14% debit cards and 2% prepaid cards.

Of the Malaysian respondents, 55% said that would not shop online, with online security as their top concern.

A couple of years back, my sister would also not shop online, but now, she shops even more than me! It is just so convenient to shop online, besides sometimes we do get more savings that shopping at a neighbourhood retail store.

No doubt, sometimes, we are conned into paying more, but so far, shopping online has been relatively safe. There were a couple of times that my purchases did not go well, but I got my money credited into my account after a short correspondence, so, all went well in the end.  


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