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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Planning The Greatest Party of the Year

Guess what? I have been tasked to plan the birthday of our mom this April. Actually, I have known that this year is my turn but I have procrastinated and now that we are steamrolling into March, I am beginning to panic! 

I have roped in a couple of friends for their great party planning tips. No doubt, I am not inexperienced when it comes to party planning but this is huge, and I have to give it my best shot! Mom will be 70, and what a milestone it is. 

Tell me, how can I not be as detailed as possible in planning the party? We are inviting everyone from both sides of the family. That's going to be a riot, I can tell! 

Anyway, according to my friend, I am to decide on a theme first. Shall I decide it myself or consult with my siblings? HHmmm And what about our budget? And the menu? Who is preparing what? I am an awful cook and will try my best to worm myself out from this responsibility, me thinks. 

And the party favors! Never forget that. I have always enjoyed receiving them at parties, and now is my chance to give away memorable favors that guests would love to receive and keep. Yes, that's going to be a keepsake.


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