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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Touring the Country!

A friend just clinched a deal to tour the country as a deejay and I am so happy for her! Yes, in this day and age, making it as a female DJ is not as easy as it sounds. Being someone who had dreams of being a DJ as well, when I was growing up, and soon gave up, God knows I am so delighted for her for the breakthrough. 

To celebrate, I am going to get her an lp storage case, one that is stylish yet durable. I know that what she needs is the Odyssey Krom 70, which could easily fit seventy to eighty 12" records. Also, it has rounded chrome corners and rubber feet at the bottom. 

I know she will appreciate the lightweight of the case and high-density inner foam lining. I would too, if I had to be on the move with that many records!


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