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Friday, 1 April 2016

One Year With GST

It's been a year that we have been living with GST. Happy Anniversary! NOT! Although some may say that it's ONLY 6% that we are paying for our GST and that some other countries pay more, it is still an additional 6% that we have to pay.

I don't think I bought that much over the past year although I do see new shoes, clothes and bags in my room. But somehow, when the 6% is already factored in into the price that we have to pay, we tend to forget that it's more than the actual cost. 

But life goes on. We buy what we have to and forgo what we can no longer afford. Since the GST is here to stay, let us just hope that it wouldn't go up any time soon! We are still trying to cope with the 6% dammit!


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