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Sunday, 2 July 2017

I Got Myself a New Camera

Got out and bought a new camera last night, after going without one for two plus weeks. While I like to say that it is my "new toy", it is actually a work tool. Something that I cannot do my work without. 

Ironically, I have to pay for it from my own pocket. Oh well, to some people, it is not very expensive but for me, it is money that I earned through sweat, tears and even blood. Plus a lot of brain juice and sleepless hours! 

Ah well, I wished I could just use that money and invested in a better mobile phone. It reduces the number of gadgets to carry, hence the weight off my shoulder. But what to do, I do need the functions of a camera and so a camera is purchased. LOL Already started using it this morning! Haih.... as I said, it is a work tool and not a toy!


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