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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!

Buying a car can be a daunting experience for a woman. More so if this is her first purchase where there are a hundred and one decisions to make that will actually fit her budget. And the most difficult part is to buy a car in a city where you have no friends or contacts to help you begin your search for a car, let alone your dream car.

This may sound like an extreme scenario but believe me, it is not. It is happening daily to many women, and many of them came off with a bad experience to share about their less than honest car salesman or dealer.

Thanks to the internet, though, a woman car buyer's prospects need not be so dim, thanks to an innovative website like Yes, you can now Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!

Ask Patty allows you the opportunity to do your car research, compare prices and ask as many questions as you like on any car or maintenance issues at the comfort of your home before you visit the nearest Ask Patty certified dealer. These certified dealers will always treat a woman buyer well and there is no fear of being short-changed.

There will be less headache for us women if there are more websites like Ask Patty which caters solely to the woman buyer.


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