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Friday, 27 June 2008

Are You In Need Of Financial Counseling?

Some of us are seriously facing hard times. Can you imagine how things are for those of us who are bad in personal financial management to cope with the downturn when they could not even manage their finances well during good times?

I have friends like that and I realize that being good in studies or work does not necessarily mean that a person would be good at managing his financial issues. I used to scream at a friend, a General Manager, of a multi-national company, to manage his own finances like he is running a company, but it did not change matters. His company may be managed well by him and his team, but it is not reflected in his own financial health!

Today, I was introduced to the services of someone by the name of George Divel. This man has proven track record in providing financial counseling services to clients, whether individuals or institutions. I personally feel that if someone, or a company, is not able to manage his finances well, then they should seek professional help. It is hoped that after going through financial counseling like those provided by George Divel, the person’s or company’s financial health will improve.


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