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Friday, 27 June 2008

Tesco Renovation

The other day when I was in Tesco, I have not been there for ages, or so it seems, I was surprised to see that they have removed all the stalls at the ground floor. You know, those stalls at the side of the escalators and those bullock cart stalls.

Tesco management did put up notices that renovation is in progress. However, what is utmost in my mind is that where have these small businesses gone to. What happens to their business when renovation is in progress and that they had to vacate their stalls? Don't tell me that they are not going to do any business for the duration of this renovation?

Who is going to pay for the salary of the staff? Does Tesco compensate these companies for loss of business? Well, there are just so many questions in my head. I am a busybody, right? I seriously am interested to know how a shopping mall manages a situation like this. Can anyone let me know?


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