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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

eBay UK One Day 5p Listing Promotion

Here is excellent news if you are already selling on eBay UK, or planning to sell on eBay UK. They are running a promotional insertion fee of 5p per listing for one day only on 12th June, 2008 from 12.0:01am to 11:59:59pm UK time. Terms and conditions apply, of course, so read the fine print first.

I do think that this is a great opportunity for anyone who has been contemplating going international with their eBay sales. The cost of fuel has escalated so much over the past year that everyone is feeling the financial pinch.

However, there is hope in online sales as people are staying at home more to save on fuel. Also, shopping online is so convenient and cost saving that once you have tried it, you wondered why you never started earlier!

For more information on eBay UK's 5p insertion fee promotion on 12th June, 2008, click HERE.


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