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Thursday, 12 June 2008

I Need To Upgrade My Computer Memory!

I was telling my friend that I don't like logging in to Facebook even though there are many free games to play because the site is so lagging that my browser hangs! I told him that I only access Facebook via my iPhone which is a lot faster. My friend was surprised because he told me that he has three browsers opened with multiple tabs and logged onto Facebook from each browser, since he has multiple Facebook accounts and still could use his computer for other things.

He later told me that perhaps I need to upgrade my computer memory! Now that he told me about it, and I checked, I only have 512MB of memory and running Windows XP. Normally, this is sufficient but then I run really intensive memory hogging applications! No wonder!

But then now that I know the problem, I am so lazy to open up my casing to upgrade memory! I'll wait till something goes wrong that forces me to open it then only upgrade. Haha!


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