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Monday, 30 June 2008

Keeping Body and Mind Healthy With Manfred Mantis Playsets

I have a niece who lives nearby under the care of my aunt, who is her grandmother, and I have been a little concerned about how she has been spending her leisure time. She is a rather shy girl and rather prefers to play her computer games or watch cable TV. In fact, it is so hard to get her to concentrate on her studies because she would always be thinking of her games.

Sometimes, I ask her to visit her friends who also live nearby but she told me that they do not have any interesting play items that she does not also own. So when I was told of these manfred mantis playsets, I thought that it would be something great that would help her be more sociable as she would be able to invite her friends over to play with her. And this would certainly keep her time occupied that she would not always think about her computer games or TV serials!

Also, I know that outdoor activities will not only keep her body physically healthy but her mind too. A little sunshine and fresh air would do her heaps of good and she will surely be able to study better!


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